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MIT, Conservation International Scientists ‘Hack’ Climate Solutions

February 02, 2017 |

This article was originally published on Conservation International.

“On the seventh floor of a conference center in Cambridge, Mass., last Friday, a group of scientists and engineers huddled around tables, tapping on their laptops and sketching on poster paper, barely looking up to take in the Boston skyline.

The term “hackathon” — an event in which a group of people collaborate on computer programming — usually evokes an image of college students coding into the early hours of the morning to prototype apps that make it easier to find a parking spot or coordinate a game of soccer. The Hackathon for Climate — the second one for Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)’s Environmental Solutions Initiative but the first to include Conservation International (CI) — had a different feel.

“The day is about informed speculation towards solutions,” said John Fernández, director of the Environmental Solutions Initiative, as he introduced the Hackathon. The topics to be discussed ranged from reducing the environmental impacts of mining to shrinking the carbon footprint of digital data storage…”

Read on at: Conservation International.

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