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Natural Capital, Blockchain, & the Future Role of Central Banks

January 16, 2017 |


This article was originally published on Medium.

“An opportunity exists for Natural Capital to become part of the rubric of finance due to changes that new technologies have made possible and probable.

A think-tank sponsored by First Rand bank (which has close to a trillion USD under management) has released a future vision for Central Banks globally based on its predictions about the use of sovereign blockchains and crytocurrency.

Foundry’s first publication is mind-blowing, in my opinion. Entitled, “The Advent of Crypto Banking. A New Paradigm for Central and Commercial Banking. A Perspective on Blockchain / Distributed Ledger Technology”, it runs to just 20 pages yet in those pages it efficiently cuts through the subject matter like a hot knife through butter and nails a picture of the future, laying it bare for all to see — a transformative vision. But (there’s always a “but” right?), the minds at RMB’s Foundery project don’t appear to have ideas such as Natural Capital, the importance of putting a value on carbon, or eco-credit in view…”

Read on at: Medium.

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