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Natural Capital Impact Group Launch ‘Healthy Ecosystem Metric’

July 30, 2018 |

This article was originally published on Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership

“The Natural Capital Impact Group (NCIG) have launched a new metric that will help companies to reduce their impacts on natural capital.

The Healthy Ecosystem Metric is a simple decision support tool designed to help companies understand their impacts on biodiversity, soil and water. The Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership (CISL) has worked with companies, leading NGOs and academics to develop the Metric, recognising that as pressure on natural capital increases, companies need credible information on the relationship between their activities and natural capital impacts across their operations and supply chains.

Currently many companies don’t have access to the right measures that are simple to use and influential to their decision making processes. The Healthy Ecosystem Metric has the potential to guide companies in determining where their impacts pose the greatest risks to natural capital around the world.

The Healthy Ecosystem Metric will help companies:

  • Measure the impact from sourcing raw materials on biodiversity, soil and water in global supply chains
  • Identify high-risk locations where a company is most likely to experience biodiversity, soil and water risks or create negative impacts
  • Drive the collection of credible impact data that companies can use to develop targets or KPIs
  • Inform response strategies to safeguard natural capital and drive improved business performance

For more information on the Healthy Ecosystem Metric or the Natural Capital Impact Group please contact: Liam Walsh, Programme Manager, Natural Capital (

Read on at: Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership.

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