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Natural Capital and the Protocol in the Construction Industry

November 02, 2016 |


This article was originally published on Natural Capital Initiative.

“Last week, NCI and the Construction Industry Research and Information Association (CIRIA) jointly hosted ‘Beyond concepts: Natural capital tools for the UK construction industry’ – a meeting that brought together construction professionals with scientists and others to discuss the application of natural capital principles in the built environment.

…Steven Bullock from Trucost is involved with the development of the Natural Capital Coalition’s Protocol and Sector Guides. The Protocol provides a standardised framework for natural capital accounting, to help inform decision making, making information trusted and actionable as well as reportable. The Protocol brings together existing methodologies for valuing natural capital, and allows companies to assess risks and opportunities; estimate total value and/or net impact of decisions; compare options, assess impact on stakeholders, and communicate findings internally or externally – for more detail see our previous blog on the Protocol.

Steven emphasised that the Protocol is an iterative process, with the most successful projects thinking about applications from the outset. The Coalition has worked on Sector Guides for the Food and Beverage and Apparel sectors, which are seen as a good testing ground due to complex supply-chains. These guides are designed to be used alongside the Protocol, and provide sector- specific context and joint learning. Further sector guides are to be developed in Real Estate, and Finance and Forestry and Steven encouraged those with expertise in these sectors to get in touch…”

Read on at: Natural Capital Initiative.

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