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Natural Capital is Revolutionising National Grid’s Approach to Sustainability

August 12, 2017 |

This article was originally published on Skanska

“Sustainability is fundamental,” says sustainability manager Steven Thompson at National Grid. “At the top of our organisation there is a recognition that, as a top FTSE company, you have to be a responsible business. Sustainability is a key part of that. Our stakeholders and investors expect it.”

Thompson believes that a concept called natural capital has a part to play: “It puts things into pounds and pence, a language that everyone can understand. It allows you to understand the benefits of nature. Then you are in a position to look at increasing that area’s natural capital. Nature provides us with things. This could be clean air or water and even natural flood defences. It could include pollination by insects. We call these ecosystem services. Natural capital is the value of those services to society, communities and our stakeholders.”

The Natural Capital Coalition says we are using natural resources faster than the planet can replenish them. It says we need to conserve and enhance natural capital.

Thompson agrees: “We need to look at natural capital in the same way as intellectual or financial capital. There are benefits to assessing the value of what nature provides us.”…”

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