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Natural Capital: It’s Smart to Start with Cities

September 08, 2016 |



“What is the starting point for improving our environment? Is it to highlight the positives; the good things that the environment does for us? Or is it to focus on negatives; the stories of the harm we are doing to it (and the harm it will, and is, doing to us through lack of action)? Of course, we need both.

But the environmental policy narrative in the UK and beyond is now taking a positive stance. It is encourages us to see the environment as a form of capital, an asset or infrastructure that provides so-called ‘services’. In particular, the natural capital agenda is on the rise.

Blazing the trail are the likes of the Scottish Natural Capital Index, the Natural Capital Committee for England and the recently launched global Natural Capital Protocol. The aim is to encourage radically different decisions at the heart of government and business, based on the often invisible value of the environment. A positive frame of mind, focused on the value of nature, helps us see that the environment is something that, if invested in, will help us to address society’s big issues like inequality, climate resilience and international competitiveness…”

Read on at: Environment Journal.

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