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Natural Capital Protocol ‘Deep Dive’ Pilot Helps to Shape HUGO BOSS Cotton Commitment

May 22, 2017 |

This commitment was originally published on HUGO BOSS

“This cotton commitment outlines the priority issues using cotton fibers for high quality garments as part of the HUGO BOSS sustainability strategy. The various topics described are based on publicly available research work, and illustrate the complexity of bringing together all relevant issues with the intention to create additional value for all stakeholders. Cotton is grown in an extremely diverse range of geographic, ecological, social, economic and cultural conditions, all of which influence or affect the extent of the impact of growing cotton, and how the impacts can be best managed.

…The valuable knowledge concerning the issues of cotton in terms of sustainability has benefitted from the research done for the World Apparel and Footwear Life Cycle Database (WALDB), the studies conducted for the EU Product Environmental Footprint (PEF), the deep-dive pilot project on the Natural Capital Protocol, the white paper on the Natural Capital Valuation, and the close collaboration with cotton experts. Cotton cultivation is an important economic driver for farmers and it is crucial to the economic development of many countries. On the other hand, cotton requires natural resources and a good social framework needs to be in place to protect the farmers. Hereafter some facts to set the focus on the relevant sustainability issues…”

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