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Natural Capital Protocol & Life Cycle Analysis Form Fundamental Basis for HUGO BOSS Sustainable Sourcing

April 30, 2019 |

This article was originally published on HUGO BOSS

“Since 2009, HUGO BOSS has regularly assessed the environmental impacts of the individual product categories by means of life cycle analyses. In order to compare the different environmental impacts, the Group has referred to the Natural Capital Protocol of the National Capital Coalition (NCC) since 2016. The comprehensive results of this natural capital evaluation form a fundamental basis for the holistic sourcing strategy for sustainable materials.

Based upon the analyses conducted in the natural capital evaluation, cotton and leather were identified as being the materials in the HUGO BOSS product portfolio that have the greatest impact upon the environment. Water consumption for cotton cultivation in particular has a huge impact. The greatest environmental impacts for leather relate to water pollution caused by the improper use of chemicals or inadequate waste water disposal in the tanning. The Company is collaborating with organizations such as the BCI and the LWG in these areas…”

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