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Natural Capital Science and Technology Platform

July 07, 2016 |

Natural Capital Project Platform CoverThe Natural Capital Project aims to accelerate uptake of successes and lessons learned to date and to magnify the natural capital community’s collective impact. To do this, the Natural Capital Project and collaborators are co-developing a data and analytics platform driven by demand for specific information on natural capital needed for planning, investment, and operational decisions.

This ‘Natural Capital Science and Technology Platform’ enables sharing of relevant data and information and further co-development of new methods, tools, and approaches.

Today’s working prototype hosts nineteen open-source ecosystem service models, several key global data sets, and a number of visualization tools that enable decision makers to summarize and interpret results in relevant metrics. The Platform is designed to provide tractable, low-cost, open access to information and easy-to-use methods tailored to decisions. This allows for faster integration, standardization, learning across initiatives, and innovation of new solutions.

Supplied by: Natural Capital Project

Download the paper (pdf): Natural Capital Project Platform

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