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Natural Capital Week 2018

November 24, 2018 |

In November 2018 (26 – 30), leading organizations in the natural capital space will convene in Paris for a week of events, discussions and networking. See below for details of events, partners, and registration. More information and detailed agendas to follow.

Natural Capital Policy Forum

When: Monday 26 – Tuesday 27

Who: WAVES/World BankUN Statistical Division, Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs, UN EnvironmentGovernment Dialogue, Natural Capital Coalition.

More information here.

Registration: Invite only

UNEP FI Global Roundtable

When: Monday 26 – Tuesday 27

Who: UNEP FI and Finance for Tomorrow

How to engage: @UNEP_FI @FinforTomorrow #GRT2018

Registration: Paid (online)

2nd Global Forum on Green Economy Learning

When: Monday 26 – Tuesday 27

Who: Partnership for Action on Green Economy, OECD, Environment for Development, Global Green Growth Institute, Green Economy Coalition, Green Growth Knowledge Platform (GGKP)

How to Engage: @PAGEExchange @OECDenvironment @EfD_initiative @gggi_hq @GECoalition @GGKPlatform #InvestInGreenSkills #GreenEconomy #GELearn2018

More information here.

Registration: Free (Online)

BBOP Final Conference

When: Tuesday 27

Who: BBOP & guests

Registration: Paid (online)

Natural Capital Coalition Collaboration Day

When: Wednesday 28

Who: Natural Capital Coalition

How to engage: @NatCapCoalition #NatCapWeek #CollaborationDay

Registration: Free (open registration to follow)

Details: A day for the natural capital community to reflect, discuss, challenge and prioritize for the year ahead. Note that registration is available currently only to Coalition Organizations, registration for non-Coalition Organizations will be available in September.

Climate Finance Day

When: Wednesday 28

Who: UNEP FI and Finance for Tomorrow

How to engage: @UNEP_FI @FinforTomorrow #CFD2018

Registration: Paid (online)

GGKP Annual Conference / OECD Green Growth and Sustainable Development (GGSD) Forum

When: Tuesday 27 – Thursday 29

Who: OECD and GGKP

How to engage: @GGKPlatform @OECDenvironment #GGKP6 #GGSD2018

Registration: (online)

GGKP Natural Capital Expert Meeting

When: Thursday 29 – Friday 30

Who: OECD and GGKP

How to engage: @GGKPlatform @OECDenvironment #NaturalCapital #NatCapWeek

Registration: Invite only

EU B@B Platform, BBOP & CDC Biodiversité conference: Business & Biodiversity | Roadmaps to Positive Impact

When: Thursday 29

Who: EU B@B Platform, BBOP and CDC Biodiversité

Registration: Free (online)

Details: The “Business & biodiversity: roadmaps to positive impact” conference will explore how roadmaps can guide business actions and mobilise their employees towards integrating natural capital and biodiversity into their business activities to achieve a measurable net positive impact. This conference is a unique opportunity to learn about the latest progress made by businesses in tackling these challenges, share experiences and discuss the links between business and biodiversity

Introduction to the Global Biodiversity Score: B4B+ Club International Workstream

When: Friday 30

Who:  CDC Biodiversité and the B4B+ Club

Registration: Free (please email)

Details: CDC Biodiversité is organizing a meeting for those interested in learning more about the Global Biodiversity Score (GBS), a biodiversity footprint assessment tool, which seeks to make it possible to audit entire companies or financial assets to evaluate their impact on biodiversity. Will also discuss the “Common ground in biodiversity footprint methodologies for the financial sector” (2018) published together with 3 European FIs (Platform for Biodiversity Accounting for Financials or PBAF), and which establishes common concepts and methodological steps to assess biodiversity footprint.

You can see a map of event venues below:

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