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Natural, Human & Social Capital Will Help to Build Resilience in Water Industry

May 03, 2017 |

This article was originally published on Energy & Environment Management

“The water industry must consider natural, social and human capital in addition to financial capital in its business planning if it is to successfully address the myriad of challenges it faces over the coming years.

Natural, human and social capital are not typically included in business planning, but incorporating them into decision-making now could help shape a more financially secure water industry in the future. Identifying and valuing these additional forms of capital could transform the basis on which billions of pounds worth of investment decisions are made.

AECOM’s environmental economists and asset managers are working with companies in the water sector to develop ground-breaking methodologies for evaluating potential investments in managing assets, such as reservoirs, treatment works and sewers, using an extended range of metrics that include natural, social and human factors…”

Read on at: Energy & Environment Management.

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