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New Agri-Business Alliance Formed to Manage Natural Capital and Deliver SDGs

September 19, 2016 |


“A coalition of 36 leading agri-businesses have joined forces to launch the Global Agri-business Alliance (GAA), aiming to tackle environmental and social challenges affecting agricultural supply chains and rural communities worldwide.

The Singapore-based initiative seeks to provide a cooperative platform to help significantly contribute to delivering the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) across the agricultural sector – giving specific focus to helping end hunger, achieve food security, improve nutrition and improve sustainable agriculture.

The core objectives of this collective of “front-line” agriculture production experts will be to improve rural livelihoods and working conditions, mitigate climate risks and manage natural capital sustainability.

The GAA brings together growers and producers, traders, agri-service providers, agri-tech suppliers, and a variety of other food and non-food agriculture specialists to create a diverse and informed forum.

The Alliance is comprised of businesses from across the world – including Olam International and AFGRI – that deal in multiple commodities and agro-chemicles. These highly influential businesses are hoping to provide stewardship of natural resources and rural communities…”

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