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New CEO Briefing on Measuring Nature-positive Business Actions

December 06, 2022 |

The value that we receive from nature underpins human wealth, health, happiness and identity.

Understanding the value of their impacts and dependencies on nature can be a watershed moment for organizations, who often realize that issues they had considered to be immaterial directly underpin their success. 

This CEO briefing on how businesses can assess and value their impacts and dependencies on nature and measure nature-positive business actions was co-developed by Capitals Coalition, Business for Nature, TNFD, UNEP-WCMC, Science-based Targets Network, WEF, WBCSD and EU DG Environment.

The briefing seeks to empower leaders to take steps to effectively measure and value the impacts of their business, future-proof against upcoming regulations and to provide an overview of how the nature-positive outcomes of business actions can be measured. It also highlights crucial resources for organizations to use in this process, including the Natural Capital Protocol.

The co-authors of this briefing will continue to partner to develop clear pathways for businesses through the tools and frameworks highlighted across the briefing.

Read the briefing.

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