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New Italy Hub on the horizon

June 24, 2024 |

The Capitals Coalition is pleased to announce a new addition to our global hubs: the Italy Hub, with the aim of enhancing the approach to capital among Italian organisations, creating a strong stakeholder network and collaborating with existing entities such as the Italian Business @ Biodiversity Working Group.

Etifor, the environmental consultancy leading the hub, develops science-based solutions that place nature at the core of decision-making processes. The company improves the economic, environmental, and social benefits of policies, projects, and investments through customised consultancy services for private companies, organisations, and public administrations. Nature Positive involves understanding and prioritising all impacts and dependencies on nature, a commitment that Etifor upholds daily together with its partners.

“We have decided to become the leader of the Italian hub of the Capitals Coalition because we firmly believe that the future of sustainability lies in the ability to redefine value to transform decision-making. With our expertise and commitment, Etifor is ready to lead this global initiative to promote a more responsible and resilient economy.” – Alessandro Leonardi, CEO of Etifor

Find out more about the course here.

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