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New Research Shows Investing in Elephant Conservation is Smart Economic Policy

November 17, 2016 |


This article was originally published on WWF

“Cracking down on poaching in many parts of Africa helps more than just elephants and their environment—it’s also a smart economic move. Tourism brings in billions of dollars across the continent every year. But when poaching ramps up, tourists are less likely to visit protected areas and the revenue stream dwindles.

WWF’s African Elephant Program funded a research project that used techniques from economics and statistics to better understand the value of elephant conservation to local economies in Africa. The study shows that the amount of tourism dollars lost because of the current poaching crisis is, in many places, greater than the amount of money needed to fund anti-poaching efforts to stop the decline of elephants and keep tourists visiting.

“While there have always been strong moral and ethical arguments for conserving elephants, not everyone shares this viewpoint,” said Dr. Robin Naidoo, lead wildlife scientist at WWF and lead author on the study. “Our research now shows that investing in elephant conservation is actually smart economic policy for many African countries.”…”

Read on at: WWF.

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