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NN IP Bolsters ESG Investment Decision Process

March 29, 2017 |

This article was originally published on Investment Europe

“Dutch asset manager NN Investment Partners (NN IP) has partnered with data provider South Pole Group to strengthen the integration of ESG criteria in its investment decisions.

…The availability of reliable data on water and waste allows us to enrich our environmental risk framework to account for additional natural capital indicators. Also, we are better able to provide on-demand ESG-reporting to our clients and to meet current and future information needs.”

“Understanding the carbon and climate exposure of portfolios is slowly becoming a housekeeping item within the financial industry, but the true leaders will be the ones who build their actions on the most reliable, comprehensive carbon and environmental data”, underlined Maximilian Horster, partner, Financial Industry, at South Pole Group….”

Read on at: Investment Europe.

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