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NSB-led standardization in the field of natural capital

July 09, 2016 |

BSI NSB led Standardisation in the field of Natural CapitalStandards are the backbone of our society, ensuring the safety and quality of products and services, facilitating international trade and improving the environment in which we live in. Standards are strategic tools and guidelines that can help companies tackle some of the most demanding challenges of modern business. They can ensure that business operations are as efficient as possible, increase productivity and help companies access new markets. As a recognition of good practice for peers, customers and investors, they are increasingly important to industry across all sectors.

In this short piece BSI talk about standardisation in the field of natural capital. It introduces BSI – the UK’s national standards body – and talks about what we do and what standards are. Importantly, it talks about two new pieces of work that are taking place at ISO (the International Organisation for Standards) on monetary valuation and another on identifying environmental costs and benefits, and explains timelines and how to get involved.

Supplied by: BSI

Download the case study (pdf): BSI NSB-led Standardisation in the field of Natural Capital

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