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Oil and Gas Sector Must Take an Ecosystem Services Approach

September 30, 2016 |


This article was originally published on the Environmentalist.

The oil and gas sector should take an ecosystem services approach to environmental and social impact assessments, says Petrina Rowcroft.

“From using water for extraction and processing to timber for construction, the oil and gas sector depends on natural capital assets. Although the environmental impacts of exploration and extraction can be great, many organisations have made substantial progress in recent years to become more responsible.

Given the many benefits – or ecosystem services – that nature provides, oil and gas companies must also factor in their environmental impacts on wider human wellbeing, particularly that of the local communities with which they may be sharing critical resources. Taking an ecosystem services approach to environmental and social impact assessments can help companies better understand the knock-on effects of their ecological footprint on people’s lives…”

Read on at: the Environmentalist

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