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On World Food Day, WWF Warns of the Dramatic Impact of Overfished Oceans on People

October 17, 2018 |

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“On World Food Day, WWF warns against the dramatic impact of overfished oceans on people around the globe. Currently, 33 percent of fish stocks are overfished (in the Mediterranean it is 85 percent) with a further 60 percent at maximum capacity with no possibility to increase catches without overfishing the stock. At the same time, more than three billion people rely on fish as an essential source of protein. “Heavily overfished oceans put global food security at risk, as well as the livelihoods of 800 million people depending on fish for food and income. Most of them live in developing countries,” says Marco Costantini, Regional Manager Fisheries, WWF Mediterranean Marine Initiative.

Europe is the biggest  and  market in the world. Currently, 60 percent of fish and seafood is imported with more than half of this coming from developing countries. “Europe can be a major driver for change in the global seafood industry” Costantini continues. “A sustainable choice of seafood makes a real difference for millions of people dependent on fish.” WWF, as a global player, calls on consumers, retailers and policy makers in the EU and its member states to take a leading role in ensuring  worldwide and to guarantee that no one is left behind in fisheries and aquaculture…”

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