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Payments To Protect Carbon Stored in Forests Must Increase To Defend Against Rubber

March 19, 2018 |

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“Payments to protect carbon stored in forests must increase to defend against rubber plantations Efforts to protect tropical forests in Southeast Asia for the  they store may fail because protection payments are too low – according to University of East Anglia research.

A study published today in Nature Communications finds that schemes designed to protect tropical forests from clearance based on the carbon they store do not pay enough to compete financially with potential profits from  plantations. Without increased financial compensation for  , cutting forests down will remain more attractive than protecting them.

Carbon credits are currently priced at $5-$13 per tonne of CO2 on carbon markets. But this doesn’t match the real break-even cost of safeguarding  from conversion to rubber in Southeast Asia – between $30-$51 per tonne of CO2…”

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