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Policy Forum on Natural Capital Accounting for Better Decision Making Outcomes

June 11, 2018 |

This report was originally published by Wealth Accounting and theValuation of Ecosystem Services (WAVES). 

“The overall aim of the Forum is to share, explore and synthesize the experiences of countries that have been producing and using natural capital accounting (NCA) with the objective of providing guidance for countries on how to improve the use of accounting for policy development and better decision making.

The Forum is supported by a range of donors, including the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Netherlands (MFA), the Department for International Development (DFID) of the United Kingdom, and the European Commission.

Following every Forum, lessons and written contributions are compiled into a publication. The first publication features case studies from 12 countries and takes stock of NCA progress and how it engages decisionmakers and improves policy. The second publication is broken down into two parts – takeways and case studies – and focuses on the applications of NCA for contributing toward sustainable development.

The second forum brought together participants from 20 countries to exchange ideas about using NCA to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), particularly those relating to poverty, land, water, and green growth. There was also a special session on the application of NCA to the private sector, organized by the Natural Capital Coalition and the World Business Council on Sustainable Development.

The co-organizers were WAVES, MFA and the United Nations Statistics Division (UNSD). The organizing committee also included the German Corporation for International Cooperation (GIZ), the Environmental Assessment Agency (PBL) of the Netherlands, the Department for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs (DEFRA) of the United Kingdom, and the Natural Capital Coalition. MFA, DFID, and the European Commission provided invaluable support.

2nd Policy Forum publication: Applications for Sustainable Development

Part 1: Takeways

Ch.1 –  Report of the 2nd Policy Forum on Natural Capital Accounting for Better Decision Making

Ch.2 – Natural Capital Accounting for the Sustainable Development Goals: Current and Potential Uses and Steps Forward

Ch.3 – The Role of Business in Natural Capital Accounting and the Sustainable Development Goals

Ch.4 – Natural Capital Accounting: Growing Experience and Testing the 10 Living Principles to Make It Fit-For-Policy

Part 2: Case Studies

Ch.5 – Ecosystem Accounting to Inform Decisions About Forest Management in the Central Highlands, Australia

Ch.6 – State of the Environment Reporting: A Natural Capital Accounting Approach

Ch.7 – SDG 13, the SEEA and New Zealand’s Missing Carbon Tax

Ch.8 – Research-Practice Co-Creation as a Strategy to Foster Use of Natural Capital Accounting at the National Level: Practical Reflections from the Pacific

Ch.9 – Implementation of Natural Capital Accounting in the Pacific: A Summary of Achievements and Lessons

Ch.10 – Ecosystem Accounting for Water and Biodiversity Policies: Experience from a Pilot Project in Peru

Ch.11 – Revisiting the Role of Natural Capital Accounting for Biodiversity Conservation – Discussion and a Case Study from Uganda

Read on at: Wealth Accounting and theValuation of Ecosystem Services (WAVES). 

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