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Pollutant Removal By Scottish Plants & Trees Eases Burden on Health Service

July 31, 2018 |

This article was originally published on Insider.

“Study produced for UK Natural Capital by Centre for Ecology and Hydrology works out the healthcare costs per person that plants and trees help save by getting rid of pollutants

New figures looking at the amount of air pollutants being removed from the air by vegetation show trees and plants in Scotland removed 426.5mkg of pollutants in 2015.

That was the equivalent of 54.1kg per hectare (an area roughly the same size as a rugby pitch or London’s Trafalgar Square), compared to 59.4kg per hectare across the UK as a whole.

The value of avoided health costs in Scotland, due to the removal of these pollutants by vegetation, was £59.2m in 2015. That works out as an average of £11.02 per person in avoided health costs for things like asthma, heart disease, and bronchitis.

The monetary value takes into account avoided health damage costs to people – the more people that benefit from the removal of pollution the higher the value. As a result, population density is a major determinant of the final valuation…”

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