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Pollution Killed 9 Million People in 2015: Dirty Air, Water & Soil Are to Blame for One in Six Premature Deaths Worldwide

March 06, 2018 |

This article was originally published on ScienceNews.

“About one in every six premature deaths worldwide is linked to dirty air, water and soil. Most of those deaths are concentrated among the world’s poorest populations, according to a study published online October 19 in the Lancet that documents the health and economic toll of pollution in 2015. In the most severely polluted countries, 25 percent of premature deaths could be attributed to pollution, especially in the air. More than half of the global deaths from air pollution in 2015 occurred in India and China.

…An estimated 9 million people died from pollution exposure in 2015, the commission reports. That’s “three times as many deaths as [from] AIDS, tuberculosis and malaria combined and 15 times as many deaths as [from] war and all forms of violence,” the report says…”

Read on at: ScienceNews.

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