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Practitioner Doctorate in Sustainability – University of Surrey Initiative

October 04, 2016 |


The Practitioner Doctorate in Sustainability is a programme that links industry and academia to find innovative and enduring solutions for organisations.


The Centre for Environment and Sustainability is committed to defining, developing and applying the latest thinking on sustainability, resource efficiency and industrial ecology.

Our unique Practitioner Doctorate in Sustainability programme offers you a major collaborative opportunity. If you join us, you will become a Doctoral Practitioner (DP) based with one of our leadings industrial partners for at least two years.

You will pick up a specific research brief that has been designed in partnership, and in order to resolve current industry issues and add to the academic body of knowledge.

Research areas

  • Sustainable development policies and practices
  • Sustainable systems: design and modelling
  • Life Cycle Assessment
  • Carbon and water footprinting
  • Low carbon energy supply
  • Energy demand and efficiency
  • Social research on sustainability
  • Lifestyles and resource consumption
  • Policy and strategy: for governments and businesses
  • International development and sustainability
  • Environmental psychology
  • Sustainable tourism
  • Labour, workplace and the environment

Read the brochure here.

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