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Prince of Wales Meets Business Leaders to Drive Forward Investment in Natural Environment

December 01, 2016 |


This article was originally published on Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership.

“The meeting was convened by the Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership’s (CISL’s) Natural Capital Leaders Platform. The business leaders explored the commercial case – alongside the environmental value – for proactively investing in the natural environment upon which their businesses depend. These dependencies were highlighted in a 2015 report from the Platform, which acknowledged that corporate profitability is threatened by diminishing natural capital reserves including water, biodiversity and soil.

Leaders from a broad spectrum of sectors attended the meeting, including utilities, manufacturers, food retailers, fashion companies and financial institutions. Amongst the companies represented were Anglian Water, Asda Walmart, Kering, Mars, Nestlé, Olam International and Volac.

The Prince of Wales has a longstanding interest in the way business can contribute to sustainability and how companies can scale up their investment in nature. With its business leaders, CISL has been exploring the opportunity for companies to move their relationship with nature to a new footing, and accelerate activities that have a positive contribution on the environment alongside delivering commercial value…”

Read on at: Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership.


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