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Combining Forces: Priority Areas for Collaboration

There is a growing variety of approaches used to assess natural capital impacts and dependencies from across public and private sectors. While the aims of these sectors may differ, there are significant opportunities for businesses and governments to collaborate and combine forces to safeguard the world’s natural capital.

Informed by a consultation exercise involving workshops, webinars, interviews and a survey targeting key stakeholders from different areas of practice, this report sets out five recommended priority areas for further work.

  1. Build the community: Further develop the ongoing integrated dialogue on natural capital.
  2. Narrative: Jointly further investigate, promote and enhance the case for natural capital approaches and combining forces.
  3. Harmonization: Identify and detail what is needed to further harmonize approaches and develop standards.
  4. Data: Clarify data needs, map data availability, streamline data collection and enhance data accessibility.
  5. Case studies: Review and expand the case study program.

This report provides a starting point for stronger and more effective public and private sector collaboration around natural capital management.

This report was produced as part of our Combining Forces on Natural Capital project.

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