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Rescuing Forests From the Carbon Trap

January 31, 2019 |

This paper was originally published in Forest Policy and Economics.


  • Climate mitigation policies tend to reduce forest ecosystem to carbon forestry.
  • Problems of carbon forestry paradigm are outlined.
  • Multifunctional forestry can serve both adaptation and mitigation.
  • Transformative research partnership needed to foster deliberative and collaborative forest governance.

Abstract: As climate policies incentivise forest carbon enhancement, forest ecosystems have been reduced to carbon forestry. As a result, the potential of forests for both the natural world and human beings is being severely compromised. Co-benefits to ecosystems and communities have often been presented as a solution but without much effect. In this paper, we highlight how the current discourse on forest and climate change has become carbon centric, masking the overall resilience building potential of forest ecosystems. We also explore potential ways forward.

Read on and access the full paper at: Forest Policy and Economics.

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