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Rwanda Launches First Natural Capital Account For Land

March 19, 2018 |

This article was originally published on Taarifa.

“Rwanda has began using Natural Capital Accounting (NCA) as a tool to measure and integrate natural resource wealth and assets into the country’s national development planning process. Land accounts provide indicators and trend analysis to track targets for sustainability, land allocation, service delivery, and productivity.

Policy makers and practitioners can use this information to clarify and compare economic values generated by land in competing uses and how changes in land use may affect land asset value. The report provides land use and cover information that can inform land-use planning from the local to national level. Land use and cover accounts can also inform Rwanda’s efforts to build climate resilience, reduce deforestation, and increase forest cover.

In Rwanda, land is the foundation for all socio-economic activities and livelihoods. But today the same land faces pressures from population growth, rapid urbanisation, and vulnerability to changes in the climate and rainfall patterns that result into weather extremes like droughts and floods…”

Read on at: Taarifa.

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