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Sri Lanka Prime Minister: Mangroves Curb Climate Threat

July 26, 2016 |

The economic value placed on the ecosystem services provided by mangroves is estimated to be US $194,000 (£148,000) per hectare

“Sri Lanka’s prime minister has said mangroves’ ability to swiftly absorb carbon make the forests vital in the fight against climate change.

His comments come on a day marking the first anniversary of a project to protect all of the nation’s mangroves.

As well as storing carbon, the forests provide habitat for fish and protect communities from tsunamis and cyclones.

Also on Tuesday – World Mangrove Day – Sri Lanka’s president will open the world’s first mangrove museum.

The museum will act as a hub for conservation training for adults, and educating children about the value of mangroves. It is estimated that 20,000 pupils will visit the museum in the first year.

The Sri Lankan government has also included mangrove forest conservation into its national curriculum…”

Read on at: BBC

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