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Study Suggests People Prefer Conservation As Way to Protect Drinking Water

November 04, 2016 |


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“The water crisis in Flint, Michigan put the need to protect and invest in clean drinking water front and center in the minds of many Americans. But how to go about investing, as well as how to get the public on board with such spending, is a difficult challenge that faces policymakers.

A new study from the University of Delaware has found that when given the choice, prefer to invest their money in conservation, such as protecting key areas of a watershed—also referred to as green infrastructure—than traditional treatment plants— also referred to as gray infrastructure.

They also found that different messages related to climate change, , and decaying infrastructure affect people’s willingness to contribute to projects.

The study was led by Kent Messer, the Unidel Howard Cosgrove Chair for the Environment and director of the Center for Experimental and Applied Economics (CEAE) in the University’s College of Agriculture and Natural Resources (CANR).

The results were recently published in the Agricultural and Resource Economics Review…”

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