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Tata Partners with Natural Capital Coalition to Drive Sustainability Goals

February 28, 2017 |

This article was originally published on Ethical Corporation

“The Tata Group, which has long enjoyed a reputation for corporate good works, was one of India’s first movers on sustainability. Now, says Shankar Venkateswaran, chief of Tata Sustainability Group, “we feel we’re on top of the basic materiality issues, and we’re starting to think more about valuing natural and social capital.”

Set up by Parsi industrialist Jameshedji Tata in 1868, Tata has a market capitalisation of $116bn and is active across huge swathes of the Indian economy, with interests in steel, transport, chemicals, power, IT and tourism, among others.

Several of the group’s companies are piloting valuation methods with the Natural Capital Coalition, and it’s working with the World Business Council for Sustainable Development on a social capital tool. Tata’s also starting a product-by-product inventory, Venkateswaran says. “Is it going to save water, is it going to save energy, and so on. It’s about looking at sustainability benefits without getting bogged down in jargon.”…”

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