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The Abu Dhabi Sustainability Group’s Natural Capital Flagship Programme: Outcomes

June 06, 2019 |
ADSG - NCC Report - single pages

The ADSG Natural Capital Flagship Programme has been a partnership between the Abu Dhabi Sustainability Group (ADSG) and the Natural Capital Coalition. The aim is to increase understanding of the benefits of including natural capital in decision- making, and to support organisations in the region applying the concept of natural capital through using the Natural Capital Protocol.

The world is witnessing a dramatic loss in natural capital from land conversion, over-consumption, pollution and climate change. In the context of the Middle East, whilst the UAE’s rapid economic development has boosted the economy significantly, it has resulted in serious environmental challenges. This in particular has led to a significant increase in demand for energy and water accompanied by high levels of Greenhouse Gases and other air pollutant emissions, as well as habitat loss and degradation, and issues associated with eutrophication, waste disposal and biodiversity loss.

This is leading to signi cant risks and opportunities for all stakeholders including people, businesses, financial institutions and governments. Businesses face more stringent environmental standards and regulation, constraints over resource use, prices being raised, bigger fines and liabilities, and greater reputational risks. However, potentially significant opportunities may be leveraged too, such as through growing demand for renewable energy, clean technology and habitat restoration, as well as through associated sustainable financing possibilities.

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