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The Balance Sheet of Utilities Companies Should Account for Natural Capital – Utility Week

June 14, 2017 |

This article was originally published on Utility Week.

“…There is already growing recognition of the need to include natural capital in expenditure planning, with more and more companies in the sector integrating natural capital assessments into their decision-making to varying degrees. Natural capital is defined as the natural assets that provide vital services to humanity such as food, water and clean air. For the water industry, an example of natural capital is the recreational value provided by good bathing waters.

Last year the Natural Capital Coalition launched the Natural Capital Protocol, which provides a clear framework to help businesses across all sectors measure, manage and value their natural assets. For the water industry, the protocol provides a timely route map to expected future natural capital accounting, which should help companies inform their plans. Although a lot of organisations may measure natural capital at a site level, the next step is to develop and roll out this approach across entire operations. Companies that incorporate natural capital into their plans now could be at a competitive advantage given that investors are showing increasing interest in requiring this as part of assurance…”

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