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The Crown Estate Releases New Report: ‘Performance Against Our Capitals’

August 22, 2017 |

This report is a product of The Crown Estate.

“This report is a companion document to our Integrated Annual Report and Accounts It gives more granularity and transparency on some of the data appearing in that report and adds detail on the impacts we have on our capitals as a result of our business activity. In turn, the data found in this report will be used to help calculate our Total Contribution for 2016/17 – our methodology for measuring the economic value of our impacts.

Since embarking on the integrated reporting journey we have become aware of the centrality of our capitals to our business. They are embedded in our business model and are used to demonstrate value created or diminished over the year. To build the resilience of our business and in recognition of the long-term trends which are material to our performance, we have developed three ambitious aspirations.

  • Climate-proof business: To be climate resilient by 2030, with portfolio decarbonisation and effective climate change adaptation in place.
  • Healthy places and habitats: By 2030 to be creating healthy places where our customers, employees, communities and natural habitats can thrive.
  • Super-efficiency: By 2030 we will have closed the waste loop using circular economy principles…”

Read on and access the full report at: The Crown Estate.

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