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The Future of Capitals: Introducing the Capitals Coalition

July 18, 2019 |

Due to the strength of this community, in just a few short years, we have seen the concept of natural capital grow from a little known idea into an internationally recognised approach to conserve and enhance the natural world.

As natural capital thinking and the Coalition continue to flourish, it is becoming impossible to ignore the fact that natural, social, human and economic issues are fundamentally interconnected, and that they must be addressed together.

For this reason, the Natural Capital Coalition and the Social & Human Capital Coalition will now unite as the ‘Capitals Coalition’.

The Capitals Coalition will continue to run distinct activities through the Natural and the Social & Human Capital Coalitions, and will also provide a unique overview of the integrated landscape.

Through its expansive community and collaborative way of working, it will accelerate momentum, leverage success, connect powerful communities, and identify the areas, projects and partnerships where we can together deliver benefits for nature and people.

We are only at the beginning of this next phase, and this, as always, provides opportunity. Already, leading organizations are stepping forward to help achieve our shared ambition through this integrated and collaborative space.

If you would like to be one of them, then please email, and help us to put nature and people at the heart of decision making.

Mark Gough, Capitals Coalition 

Benefit from the Coalition’s unique overview of the capitals approach and community, gain insights into the latest thinking and developments and receive newsletters and project updates.