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The Profitable Link Between Natural Capital and Creative Solutions

October 28, 2016 |


This article was originally published on The Fifth Estate

“Australian businesses need to consider their dependence on natural capital and the impact their operations have on it to ensure their organisations are resilient and future proof, a global expert has warned.

Bianca Nijhof, the global account leader natural capital for design and consultancy firm Arcadis, is in visiting Australia from The Netherlands for the Infrastructure Sustainability Council of Australia conference. Ms Nijhof said considering the natural environment enables businesses to minimise risk and identify opportunities they otherwise wouldn’t have considered.

“Bringing natural capital into the decision-making processes of a business actually does make your decisions a lot more resilient and a lot more future proof because it allows you to identify risks which otherwise would probably have been hidden,” she said.

“It is also about capturing the opportunities and that is really the way we see it being used in Europe,” she said. “I love to look at opportunities and how you can actually contribute to all the different global things going on like the Paris Agreement, the ESG [environmental, social & corporate governance] – that would really be an opportunity for Australia.”…”

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