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The Role of Business in Natural Capital Accounting & the Sustainable Development Goals

June 11, 2018 |

This paper was originally published on Wealth Accounting and theValuation of Ecosystem Services (WAVES). 

By Chris Brown,¹ Ian Dickie,² Joseph Harris-Confino,³ Petri Lehtonen, 4 Carl Obst, 5 and Hannah Pitts³. ¹ Olam, ² eftec, ³ Natural Capital Coalition, 4 Indufor, 5 IDEEA Group.

Summary: Every business impacts and depends upon natural capital, and this relationship yields significant risks and opportunities to the business, and also to society around them. Understanding this relationship allows business leaders to make smarter decisions about the consequent risks and opportunities that they might face. To do so, many businesses have adopted systematic approaches to measuring, and valuing their relationship with natural capital.

These approaches often differ to national accounting methodologies, but there is increasing demand to identify the synergies between them in order to better share results and insights across both communities. This paper introduces some key drivers and characteristics behind corporate approaches to natural capital, including a number of leading practical case studies, and explores the opportunities for how we might combine approaches in the future in order to advance our progress towards the Sustainable Development Goals…”

Read on and access the full paper at: Wealth Accounting and theValuation of Ecosystem Services (WAVES).

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