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The Scottish Marine Protected Area Project – Developing the Evidence Base for Impact Assessments and the Sustainability Appraisal Final Report Report R.2097

August 09, 2013 |


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This report provides Marine Scotland with evidence on economic and social effects to inform a Business and Regulatory Impact Assessment (BRIA) for each possible NC MPA, and a Sustainability Appraisal for the suite of proposals as a whole.

The identification and selection of possible MPA sites in Scotland is primarily a ‘science-led’ process. However, socio-economic evidence can be considered in Ministers’ decisions as to whether to designate specific sites. Socio-economic evidence can also be taken into account in determining the management approaches adopted for individual MPAs.

The study aims to assess the potential economic and social effects of the proposed suite of NC MPAs in Scottish offshore and territorial waters. The assessment investigates the potential cumulative economic benefits and costs, and associated potential social impacts, of designating each individual possible NC MPA.

Also considered are the potential economic benefits and costs, and associated potential social impacts of designating the suite of MPA proposals as a whole.

Download the report here.

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