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The Watershed Ecosystem Services Tool (WESTool)

April 20, 2017 |

This tool is a product of Winrock International

“By combining advanced science with intuitive maps and tools, the WESTool offers valuable information at the local, regional and national scale to support decision-makers and land managers who wish to understand and balance the value of remaining forests with development goals.

How was the WESTool developed?

Through a research effort led by the United States Agency for International Development Supporting Forests and Biodiversity Project (USAID SFB), land use and land use change mapping were combined with advanced hydrological modeling and scientific analyses to assess key ecosystem services across Cambodia’s landscapes. These analyses were integrated with information on land use and socioeconomic factors to better represent the complex role that ecosystem services play in Cambodia’s society and economy.

Ecosystem Services and Socioeconomic Factors

The WESTool estimates land use change, carbon stocks, greenhouse gas emissions, sediment and nutrient loss, changes in river water quality, impacts on biodiversity, population, access to market, and general agricultural production data at the national and local levels in Cambodia. These estimates were produced by integrating current land use information with historical land use change maps with a hydrological model (SWAT). Click here for a comprehensive list of data sources used in the development of the WESTool…”

Click here to read the Watershed Ecosystems Services Tool handout.

Read on and access the tool at Winrock International.

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