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This Is Natural Capital 2018: Natural Capital Coalition: Conversations On the Ground, Regional Efforts

November 28, 2018 |

Hannah Pitts, Relationships Director, Natural Capital Coalition

Natural capital thinking has evolved and amplified into a powerful, global conversation, inclusive and supportive across all those who participate. However, attention is shifting towards longer-term application and scaling, and to meaningful action on the ground.

We realize that to attract new voices, we need to bring the conversation back to the ecosystems and the communities who feel the consequences first. This has inspired the Coalition’s growing network of Natural Capital Regional Platforms; safe collaborative spaces across the world who can translate and express natural capital issues in ways that will resonate with new stakeholder groups.

We can talk to businesses about relevant regulations, significant catchments and coastlines, talk with local experts who understand the environment better than any, and build a business-case that is more tailored and relatable than any international rhetoric can be.

Regional Platforms evolve organically out of existing organizations and networks who want to incorporate natural capital thinking into their programs and objectives. The Natural Capital Coalition supports platforms through the provision of technical materials and resources, connections, communications, and allows regional work to be promoted on the global stage. In return, the Regional Platforms share their insights and observations about how natural capital is being applied in each context, therefore informing the Coalition’s global strategy.

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