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This Is Natural Capital 2018: What Next? A Social & Human Capital Coalition

November 28, 2018 |

Mike Wallace, Interim Executive Director, Social and Human Capital Coalition

The Natural Capital Coalition has successfully convened a global multidisciplinary community of stakeholders to advance natural capital thinking.

At the Social & Human Capital Coalition (SHCC), we recognize that in order to further advance the wider ‘capitals approach’, we’ll need to convene new communities and galvanize new audiences and stakeholders around the other capitals. This is one aim of the Social & Human Capital Coalition (SHCC).

Natural capital underpins all other forms of capital, but organizations must also understand the ways in which they impact and depend on human and social capital if they are to make truly informed decisions that benefit societies and the natural world, alongside businesses and economies.

The SHCC will shape and drive collaborative action to achieve four goals:

  • Mobilize: a network of business champions at both c-suite and operational levels to advocate for implementation and collaboration.
  • Socialize: the Social & Human Capital Protocol with the most important practitioners and expert organizations in this space, building a network, community and coalition to drive new thinking, engagement and collaborative action.
  • Harmonize: technical approaches within the Social & Human Capital Protocol by promoting awareness, acceptance and uptake by key global platforms.
  • Capitalize: support the finance community and capital markets to recognize and reward social value creation.

The Social & Human Capital Protocol is part of a broader movement to enable companies to integrate people, planet and profit as drivers of sustainable growth. It is the ambition of the SHCC to further stimulate the development and convergence of social and human capital measurement and valuation, until we reach a point where this work can be integrated with natural capital to form a holistic picture of value.

Together, the Natural Capital Coalition and the Social & Human Capital Coalition are working towards a common vision of a unified and collaborative approach to measurement and valuation to inform decision-making across all capitals.

Read the full report here.

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