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Time for Business to Take the Natural Approach

March 05, 2017 |

This article was originally published on The Scotsman.

“Commercial interests and the natural world are often viewed in isolation. The former can exploit the other, with environmental concerns all too frequently seen as an inconvenient obstacle to business success. Thankfully, this situation is now changing with a growing movement to understand better how business relies on nature.

Natural capital is the stock of natural resources – including soils, air, water and all living organisms – which provide people with a wide range of goods and services and which underpin our economy and society. Applied to business, it means that alongside financial profit and loss, positive or negative changes in natural assets are also recorded.

Businesses identify the natural assets they use or affect within their supply chain, and include them in investment planning and risk analysis. The concept is not necessarily new, but what is exciting is the growing global appreciation within business that our consumption of natural resources is not sustainable and needs to be better represented on balance sheets…”

Read on at: The Scotsman.

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