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Tools for Natural Capital: Call for Contributions

October 21, 2016 |


Have you developed a tool, methodology or resource that can help business measure and value natural capital? If so, the Natural Capital Protocol Toolkit needs to hear from you!

WBCSD are building an online, interactive database of resources that complements and supports the Protocol. This ‘Natural Capital Protocol Toolkit’ will rank tools based on their relevance to the Protocol framework, and will serve to connect business users with the best resources to meet their needs.

Click here for information about submitting your methodology, tool or resource.

The Protocol is an overarching and all-encompassing framework, and a vast amount of existing material was consulted and leveraged as part of its development. However, it does not prescribe any specific methodologies, tools or approaches for users as they go through the Steps and Stages in order to encourage user flexibility to choose the approach best suited to for his/her situation.

However, for users to make an informed choice about which tools and approaches to use, we need to ensure that Protocol users have a way to identify and compare their options.

We need a place for tools to be promoted based on their relative strengths, and a place where new tools can reach their intended users. We need to connect the Protocol to the resources already available, making the Protocol framework more accessible for business.

The Natural Capital Protocol Toolkit is designed to do just this.

Already in development, the Toolkit will:

  • Be an online, searchable database of tools, methodologies, approaches and resources available to business for natural capital measurement and valuation.
  • Be constantly updated.
  • Allow users to search through tools based on the needs of their assessment
  • Gradually build contributions and case studies from the business community, to help share experience and build consensus about which tools and resources are the most helpful.

We hope the Toolkit will be valuable to users who are new to natural capital, as well as those more experienced who may wish to retrofit existing approaches onto the Protocol framework.

We need your input!

If you have developed any tool, methodology, approach or resource that is:

  1. Relevant to the Protocol: Therefore, suitable for a natural capital assessment.
  2. Applicable to business: Fit for business use, even if business is not the intended audience.
  3. Publicly available: Available to anyone who requests it, and isn’t proprietary material (for example, if there’s a product or resource we can link to, we will. If it is a service, we can’t).

…then we want to hear about it!

Click here for more information on the project, and learn how you can submit your tool into the Toolkit database.

For any queries, please contact Hannah at WBCSD.

The Toolkit is led by WBCSD, with the Natural Capital Coalition as a strategic partner, and has a broad Advisory Group informing its development.

Next steps:

Watch out for the Pilot in early 2017.

Keep your eyes peeled for the Toolkit launch in Q2/Q3 2017.

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