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Towards TEEBAgriFood

May 15, 2015 |


TEEB is bringing together economists, business leaders, agriculturalists and experts in biodiversity and ecosystem services to systematically review the economic interdependencies between agriculture and natural ecosystems, and provide a comprehensive economic valuation of eco-agri-food systems.

Alexander Müller, TEEB for Agriculture & Food Study Leader: “Agriculture is arguably the highest policy priority on today’s global political agenda, in recognition of its widespread impacts on food security, employment, climate change, human health, and severe environmental degradation. This study will build on the earlier successes of TEEB by drilling into the heart of these issues and exploring the latest evidence to paint a global picture of our agricultural and food systems. This body of work will provide a detailed look at their dependency on ecosystems and biodiversity, their impacts on human and ecological well-being and health, and the underappreciated role of small-scale farmers. I truly see this as being one of the most timely and important research initiatives in the field of sustainable agriculture, and am honoured to be a part of it”.

Download and Read ‘Towards TEEB for Agriculture and Food’ here

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