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Tradition Meets Tech: Can Satellite Data Help Indigenous Peoples Protect Their Lands?

November 02, 2017 |


This interview was originally published on Conservation International‘s blog Human Nature

“From forests to fish, remote sensing has revealed an unblinking portrait at how humans are managing natural resources on Earth. Now, a new effort seeks to put these data tools in the hands of the people on the front lines of conservation: indigenous communities.

The project carries immense potential for providing data to people who are typically cut off from it, according to Karyn Tabor of Conservation International’s Moore Center for Science, which is leading the new NASA-funded project. For that same reason, she explains, it comes with significant sensitivities as well.

Human Nature interviewed Tabor about the project as experts gathered in Washington, D.C., for GEO Week 2017, a conference on remote sensing hosted by the Group on Earth Observations (GEO)…”

Read on at Conservation International’s blog Human Nature.

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