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We Value Nature has collaborated with UNEP-WCMC to adapt existing We Value Nature training modules to integrate biodiversity, as well as develop a new third module on the measurement and valuation stage of natural capital assessments. Combined, these modules provide comprehensive guidance to help businesses undertake a biodiversity-inclusive natural capital assessment.

The value of a biodiversity-inclusive natural capital assessment 

Biodiversity is an integral part of natural capital and underpins the important goods and services that natural capital generates. It encapsulates the variety of life, including animals, plants, fungi and microorganisms, as well as the ecosystems they form and the habitats they live in. Higher levels of biodiversity equate to a greater quantity and quality of ecosystems goods and services, and are more resilient to change.

Our individual or collective actions can build or degrade natural capital, depending on how we use it. Businesses have a strong influence on the state of natural capital and biodiversity; however, most do not fully understand what biodiversity is, their impact and dependencies upon nature, and consequently, how to incorporate natural capital into their core business decisions. Natural capital approaches can help by providing a holistic framework for business to understand and manage their relationships with nature.  By integrating biodiversity values into natural capital assessments, you can identify risks and opportunities for your business or financial institution that might otherwise be hidden or missed.

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