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Using Impact Measurement to Drive Decision Making (Video) – Sustainability Operations Director, Kering

March 17, 2017 |


This video was originally published on PwC.


“I think a few things change, 1) mind set changes because when you’re talking to sourcing, as we call our sourcing managers, and they’ve been part of this process. They understand now, OK this really isn’t just getting this material, I can start to understand OK if it’s stressed in this part of the world, if I source here, here’s the ramifications. Because it’s not just environmental cost, it’s also stress on that resource and obviously where there’s more stress, there’s more risk. So it does give a decision making option that wasn’t there before and therefore an opportunity to change some sourcing at a very ground level. So often-times, I think we’ve spoken of tools like this at a very strategic level, certainly in our Group. But the fact is it’s really day to day decision making that matters. Where do I buy this from? Is this country or this material better than that material? Because the most important part of sustainability beyond the environmental bit is, of course, the economic bit, because if we’re not in business, first of all somebody else will be and maybe they won’t be as responsible, and secondly that’s part of the benefit we provide to society. So it’s really important for us to understand what these decisions are at a day to day basis and how they help drive our business continuity in the future.”

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