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Valuing Nature Based Tourism in Scotland

April 04, 2017 |

This article was originally published on Scottish Natural Heritage.

“Tourism is one of Scotland’s largest business sectors, providing employment for 200,000 people and generating visitor spending of more than £4 billion a year.  The natural environment is a key tourism asset with nature-based tourism making a significant contribution to the sector. Based on information in existing studies the main findings from a study by Scottish Natural Heritage are:

  • The value to Scotland’s economy (the direct economic impact) of nature based tourism is £1.4 billion per year
  • 39,000 jobs (full-time equivalent) are reliant on Scotland’s nature based tourism
  • Tourist spending on nature based activities is worth nearly 40% of all tourism spending in Scotland.

Nature based tourism Nature based tourism is defined as an overnight stay that is related wholly or partly to Scotland’s natural heritage – its wildlife, habitats, landscapes and natural beauty. The main activities that make up the nature based tourism market are wildlife watching, enjoying the landscape, walking, adventure activities and field sports…”

Read on at: Scottish Natural Heritage.

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