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Want to Realise Greater Profits From Your Development? Here’s How Your Competitors Are Doing It

June 22, 2016 |

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“The idea of natural capital, (or ecosystem services), is one that’s often considered to be an obstacle to the profitability and the success of a build project.

However, as this report will show, there is quantifiable financial value to be realised from natural capital, as well as socioeconomic value, and chances are your competitors have realised this already.

If you’re a developer and you take an integrated approach to your next property development project by supporting the value of the environment, you are more likely to maximise the commercial value of your project – fact!

In this report I will show you how both the financial and the socioeconomic value can be realised on build projects, as well as illustrating how you too can potentially realise greater commercial value from your next project, by taking an integrated approach to environmental consideration…”

Read on at: Vox Urban

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