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Why Business has an Obligation to Manage its Resources Well (video) – Sustainability Operations Director, Kering

March 17, 2017 |

This video was originally published on PwC.


“It can be difficult, and almost the more difficult it is the more the value is in the exercise itself, because that means you don’t really understand all the aspects of your business that might be important. So the harder it is, what is it “if I can’t, I must”, something like that, but the harder it is the more important I think it is to measure it, because you can’t manage what you don’t measure, so there’s a whole aspect of your business you probably should understand, number 1. And then number 2, whether you’ve started from that place or not, the value of it you are going to realise I think regardless, but I would agree even just because, in past lines of work in other industries, this applies across the board.  This is not just for apparel or discreet manufacturing or consumer package goods or whatever, it really applies to everything.  Any time you’re producing a product or service that consumes resources, then there is a chance that those resources may not be there in the future, there is certainly an obligation for you to manage those resources wisely for your shareholders, for all your stakeholders and that’s really what this is about, how to manage your resources and how to do it in the best way, whether we’re focused on environmental impact with EP&L, whether we’re focused on social aspects, Tax, Financial, with TIMM, you’re managing resources.”

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